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The polymer optical fibre Bragg gatings (POFBG) wiki is an outreach collaboration project initiated by the TRIPOD Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) and some of their supervisors.

Basic information on polymer optical fibre Bragg gratings (POFBG) can be found in WikiIntroduction.

This document presents POFBG wiki guidelines in four sections: purpose of the wiki, targeted audience, scope and technical aspects of the wiki.

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The primary purpose of the POFBG wiki is to spread the knowledge on polymer optical fibre fibres (POFs) and POF-based sensors. It is also meant to give the ESRs a flavour of being engaged in outreach activities, communicating knowledge to society, raising awareness of the technology and convincing youngsters to pursue career in technical fields. Thanks to that the ESRs will increase their sense of collaboration and gain experience by participating in a peer review process. Finally, this idea will let them familiarise themselves with a modern way of publishing knowledge and research results, different rather than publication in a scientific journal.

In the long run the wiki is hoped to attract attention of other researchers, including experts in the field of POFs, increasing the number of collaborators. It is also hoped to become a forum of knowledge exchange in the field and a form of a living review document. The latter is to address the issue concerning review articles in paper-based journals, which are often already outdated at the time of publication, especially in the case of rapidly developing fields like POF. This wiki is meant to be rapidly updated and incorporate the latest advancements in the field.


At first the POFBG wiki will be mostly contributed to by ESRs, so scientific level of its content will be this of a PhD student. Additional content is being added to explain the technology and the TRIPOD project to high school and university students, and to the general public.

However, as has already been mentioned, in the long term the wiki will attract contributions from other researchers, becoming a living knowledge base for the field. This shall be built on more general content that will be produced in the first step. Apart from more general articles, the ESRs will also feed some of their research results into the wiki, giving rise to more specialised wiki content. This type of content will be addressed to the POF community, but it will also give the other types of audience a flavour of how research looks and hopefully promote careers in science.


The wiki will start to be built around the topic of polymer optical fibres (POFs) and POF-based sensors. Some general links to physics, optics, chemistry etc. will be made where necessary. The wiki will also relate to silica optical fibres and sensors based thereon, as this is a more mature field and an important point of reference. The bigger the wiki will grow, the more areas of science it will contain. This should reflect natural needs of contributors and evolution process of the content, and thus no constraints have been set for now.

As it has been mentioned in the previous section, the wiki at its early stage will be developed by the ESRs. Initial content will be more general, but as time progresses more complex and advanced content will be added than can be found elsewhere. ESRs will feed some of their research results into the wiki at a later stage, when hopefully some experts in the field will also start contributing.

Technical aspects

Factual correctness was and is a high priority for the developers. A peer review procedure has been implemented to ensure that every entry is correct from content-related, linguistic and technical perspectives.

Every contributor to the wiki is asked to read and follow this PublicationProcedure. It contains further links to article formatting requirements and general introduction to the available tools and the idea of wiki.
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